Special Education

The district is committed to a philosophy of inclusion, serving students with special needs within general education classrooms as much as possible. This enables all students to be exposed to the same rigorous curriculum.

Special Education Staff

Services Within Crawford AuSable School District

If a parent has concerns about a child's progress at school:

  • Contact the child's teacher. The teacher may give additional suggestions, clarify the grade level expectations, seek assistance from colleagues or support staff, or initiate a referral to the Student Assistance process.

  • Contact the building administrator. The administrator may gather additional information, provide additional suggestions, facilitate a meeting with parent, teachers, support staff, or initiate a referral to the Student Assistance process. 

    • The Student Assistance team will review available information, and alternative methods for meeting the student's needs through the general education program will be explored.

If a student is suspected of having a disability and being in need of special education services:

  • The specific concern should be put in writing and submitted to the building administrator.

  • A review of existing educational and evaluation data will be completed. This review may include the student's grades, assessment scores, previous academic and/or behavioral interventions, results of previous interventions, input from teachers, and other relevant data.

  • If this data suggests that the student may have a disability, permission to complete additional evaluation will be requested from the parents. Parents are expected to be an integral part of the evaluation process.

  • Within 30 school days of the date parent permission is received, an Individualized Education Program Team (IEPT) meeting will be convened to discuss evaluation results and recommendations, as well as to determine if special education programming is to be initiated.

  • If evaluation data indicates that a student does not have a disability or the student with a disability is not in need of special education services, other supports may be recommended. These supports may include: continued monitoring through the Student Assistance process, additional accommodations within the classroom, development of a Section 504 plan, completion of a Functional Analysis of Behavior, development of a Behavioral Intervention Plan, or other individualized supports.

  • Parents are expected to be involved throughout the evaluation and decision-making process.

When special education programs and services are needed:

  • These may be provided by a special education teacher in the general education classroom, where students may receive individual services, large group instruction or support in small group situations. 

  • Students may receive services in a resource room setting that is outside of the general education classroom. In a resource room, students will continue to work toward grade level content in a small group setting with increased opportunity for specific instruction and practice.

  • A small number of students may receive instruction in a categorical classroom setting that is outside of the general education classroom. In this setting, students work within a modified curriculum that is not based on grade level standards, but is based on the individual student's needs.

  • In addition to the academic service provided by special education teachers, the district also has a school social worker, a school psychologist, an occupational therapist, and speech therapists available

Services provided through the C.O.O.R. Intermediate School District

Programs for some students who are moderately or severely cognitively impaired, and/or those who are significantly visually, hearing, or physically impaired are provided through the C.O.O.R. Intermediate School District. Where appropriate, students with those disabilities are educated within the Crawford AuSable School District as much as possible. Transportation to and from C.O.O.R. ISD programs is provided.