Elementary Students

GLOE for K5 uses Little Lincoln and or Odysseyware Curriculum for our Elementary School Program.  Our program is dedicated to providing students with the very best curriculum, and ensuring we have the best support system in place.  Little Lincoln provides “Guide Books” for parents that provide instruction on assignments, as well as best teaching practices.  Odysseyware is an online curriculum for grades 3-5.  Students will receive everything they need to be successful delivered right to their doorsteps!  There is a mix of online tools and hands-on activities to provide students with a well-rounded education.  Students are able to go at their own pace, allowing them to fully comprehend the material.

Middle School and High School Students 

GLOE is utilizing the learning platform Edgenuity to deliver its Middle and High School.  Led by highly qualified teachers, Edgenuity provides students with materials to meet their various learning styles.  Courses contain video lectures with quizzes and notes, lab simulation, reading material for each subject matter, and a variety of other learning tools.  Each course is designed and facilitated to help maximize comprehension of subject matter.