The College Application Essay

Some applications require you or offer you the opportunity to write an essay, giving the school more information about you. Students who must complete the Common Application are required to submit essays. By all means, take advantage of this opportunity to share your unique personality, talents, goals, life, etc. This helps you stand out from the thousands of other applicants. The Counseling Office offers writing seminars during the school year, and the counselors are available any time to assist you with your essays.

The essay serves several purposes for the admissions counselors. It helps them:

  • get a clearer overall picture of who you are. 

  • evaluate your ability to think clearly and communicate your ideas in writing. (Write your own essay; don't have someone else write it for you. However, you may have someone proofread it and give you suggestions.)

  • evaluate your level of seriousness about attending this school.

A good essay:

  • begins with neatness, proper grammar and correct spelling.

  • should be interesting to read and reveal something about your personality, values and goals.

  • if not covered in another section, should include your involvement in clubs, organizations, sports, community service, etc.