Planning Your Schedule

Students entering Grayling High School are strongly urged to develop a comprehensive Educational Development Plan (EDP) for your four years of high school and post-graduation training or college. 

The Educational Development Plan (EDP):

The EDP documents an ongoing process in which you identify both your career goals and a plan of action to achieve them. By developing an EDP, you will become engaged in a process by which you can continue to explore and examine your interests, skills and abilities and begin to make decisions about selecting a career for your future. 

Counselors and teachers can assist you in determining what courses and other experiences to pursue to reach these goals. Having these long-range plans stated and recorded will influence your day-to-day decisions as well. You can become more intentional about being successful in your classes and in selecting co-curricular, leisure-time and employment activities. 

As you prepare to leave high school, having found answers to many or most of your questions, you can be more confident about your choices and enter college, training programs or employment experiences with a clearer direction in mind. 

The scheduling process:

Our process places major responsibility for student schedule development on the individual students, with major input from counselors and parents. The following steps are to be followed:

  1. Pre-registration: Students will meet with their classes for discussion of required courses, electives, graduation requirements, college prep curriculum, vocational courses and the scheduling process. These meetings will be repeated for incoming freshmen and their parents. Pre-registration sheets must be signed by parents and returned to the Counseling Office by the date to be announced. Parents are encouraged to contact the Counseling Office regarding any questions concerning this process or specific course selections.

  2. Each student is required to enroll in 5 credited classes each trimester.

  3. Any students who fail to turn in schedules will have one developed for them.

  4. All student pre-registration information will be tallied to determine how many sections of each class must be offered. A master schedule indicating which class is offered each hour with each teacher will be designed.

  5. Actual student schedules will be developed by computer. An attempt will be made to meet as many of the students' pre-registration requests as possible.

  6. Students who have mistakes in their schedules due to the unsuccessful completion of required courses, computer conflicts, etc. will be able to make necessary schedule changes prior to the start of each trimester by making an appointment with their counselor.

  7. Students must have authorizations from their counselor to drop a class. If their counselor feels the reason for dropping a class is valid and warrants such action, students may be dropped from a class. Students must live with their commitments. Parents disagreeing with the counselor's decision may appeal that decision, in writing, to the principal. UNLESS EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES PREVAIL, CLASSES MAY NOT BE DROPPED OR CHANGED.

    SPECIAL NOTE FROM THE PRINCIPAL: Courses listed in the Curriculum Guide may or may not be offered every year. We will do our best to run classes that meet the needs of our students.

College prep:

Recommendations for college prep coursework can be found at the Peterson's College Search site. This website will provide you with the most up-to-date advice from colleges and universities.


Students who plan to play sports at a Division I or II college should check out the NCAA eligibility requirements.

Graduation requirements: 

To check your credits, click on the Michigan Merit Requirements for Graduation. This credit audit sheet is a tool that you can use to track your progress through high school. 

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