Planning for College

College is the most valuable investment you can make in your future – both financially and personally. In the simplest of terms: higher education = greater financial stability. Money isn't everything, of course. But if you want to give yourself the best chance to earn a comfortable salary, a college degree is not optional; it's essential. Attending college also helps you personally: When you step outside of your comfort zone and onto a college campus, you enter a world filled with fresh faces, diverse backgrounds and various worldviews. In addition to sparking lifelong friendships, a college community broadens your horizons and fosters a period of self-discovery and personal growth.

Planning for college begins the first day of high school. Once you become a high school student, you begin creating the record that will be evaluated when you start applying to colleges as a senior. It is not something that you should be stressing out about, but you should carefully consider your four-year plan to achieve your goals. Even if you don’t yet know if you want to pursue higher education, developing a strong educational background will assure you more opportunities in your future. 

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