Kesseler Centralis Scholarship


Roger Kesseler, a former member of the CMU Board of Trustees, and his wife Phyllis are both Grayling High School graduates. As a means of giving back to the Grayling community, they created an endowment that funds a Centralis scholarship to one member of every GHS graduating class. This scholarship covers tuition, fees and room and board for four years. Any senior with a GPA of 3.7 and a SAT score of 1260 or higher (or an ACT score of 27 or higher) is eligible to compete for this generous scholarship award.

The CMU Centralis Program

Central Michigan University's Centralis Program is a scholarship program that is an extension of the University Honors Program. One of CMU's highest merit-based awards, Centralis Scholarships go to incoming freshman students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance and extracurricular involvement. Recipients of these scholarships are provided with opportunities designed to enhance their academic and professional development. In turn, each Centralis award recipient brings talents and interests that contribute to CMU. At least 40 new Centralis awards are granted each year through a scholarship competition.

Grayling High School Centralis Scholarships Winners

2001 - Sonya Saladine
2002 - Robert VanNuck
2003 - Miranda Holzbauer
2004 - Kip Franklin
2005 - Alyssa Farrell
2006 - Victoria King
2007 - Nicholas Parkinson
2008 - Ryan Cooper
2009 - Brianna Farrell
2010 - John Lennon
2011 - James Jimenez
2012 - Sierra Dyer
2013 - Alyssa Morley
2014 - Gabrielle Smith
2015 - Boomer Wingard
2016 - Ryan Weeks
2017 - Paige Millikin
2018 - Noah Shambarger
2019 - Josie Trudgeon
2020 - Isabel Duba
2020 - Alexandria Alma
2021 - Alison Brown