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You are important, and your future is important, so you owe it to yourself to learn about careers and think carefully about the choices you are making now. As counselors, our goal is for all students to leave Grayling High School well prepared to create happy, full and satisfying futures for yourselves. We are here to help you think through your plans, and we hope that you will make use of the many resources available in the Counseling Office to assist you in your process.

Our Counseling Department motto is "Helping students to prepare for the future by making the right choices today." Of course, making the right choices often depends on getting the right answers to the many questions that students and parents have as you navigate the high school years and prepare for college and careers. To help you in that process, we have tried to provide the answers to many of your questions right here on this website. Please take the time to scroll down through each of the sections so that you don't miss anything important.

A website, of course, is not a substitute for face-to-face guidance, so please contact us when you have questions regarding academic progress, scholarship and college searches, careers or any other guidance concerns. 

-Erin Krabill and Shanna Demlow, Counselors

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Counselor Request Form - Shanna Demlow
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Guidance and Counseling Department is to help students make the most of their high school years. Students are invited to come to the Counseling Office for help in planning their schedules, learning how to study, resolving personal problems, resolving conflicts and exploring and planning for college and careers.

Statement of Disclosure

The American Counseling Association and the American School Counselor Association endorse a code of ethics for counselors that includes confidentiality of the counselor/counselee relationship. The school counselors respect the rights and responsibilities of parents for their children and try to establish a cooperative relationship with parents in the best interest of their children. Michigan law requires counselors to report to the appropriate parties (1) suspicion of child abuse or neglect and (2) indications that the student may be a danger to himself/herself or to others. 

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