Advanced Placement® Program

The College Board's Advanced Placement (AP) Program® is an opportunity for GHS students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school and to earn college credits by scoring well on the AP examinations.

AP® Society

Students are members of the AP® Society when they are enrolled in at least one AP course. Members can achieve the following status levels:

  • Novice (a person who is new to a set of circumstances; a beginner): One AP course

  • Luminary (a person who has attained a high reputation or is an inspiration to others): Two AP courses

  • Sage (a wise and experienced person): Three AP courses

  • Savant (a person of profound or extensive learning): Four AP courses

  • Virtuoso (a person who is versed and skilled in knowledge and appreciation of the arts and sciences): Five or more AP courses (Virtuoso members will be honored at graduation with an orange cord.)

AP® Program Overview

  • The AP® Program provides access to high-quality education, challenges and stimulates students, accelerates learning, rewards achievement and enhances both high school and college programs.

  • Students who take AP courses learn subjects in depth, develop analytical reasoning skills and develop disciplined study habits that can contribute to continued success at the college level.

  • Taking an AP examination enables students to compare their knowledge and understanding of a college-level subject against the high academic standards established by college professors. The challenge of meeting these national and international standards gives students a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

  • College admissions personnel view AP experiences as one indicator of future success at the college level. Participation in an AP course is therefore a great advantage to students who wish to attend highly selective colleges. Course exemptions they can earn with good scores on the examinations give students time, for example, to broaden their college experiences by exploring additional subject areas, participating in internships and studying abroad.

  • The quality of the AP Program and its participating schools is reflected by the fact that the National Education Goals Panel uses AP scores as a measure of academic excellence. High schools with successful AP programs are regarded as strong academic institutions, and their participation helps set a standard of achievement for students and contributes to their faculties' professional pride.

  • GHS has offered AP classes since 1980. The first course offered was English Composition. Since that time, the program has expanded, and students are now able to take AP courses in biology, calculus, chemistry, computer science A, English language and literature, U.S. history and European history, psychology, Spanish and statistics. GHS students have also taken AP exams in French, Spanish and world history through independent study. Our students have done very well on the AP exams, generally scoring well above the national averages. We have had many AP scholars -- students who scored above a 3 on three or more exams. 

To find out more about the Advanced Placement Program, visit its Web site 

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