Graduation Requirements

Students who graduate from Great Lakes Online Education (GLOE) program must satisfactorily complete the minimum of 22.0 units of semester credit in classes in grade levels 8-12.  

Students graduating from GLOE program shall complete the following minimum specific requirements:

Areas of Study/Credits Required

English Language Arts - 4.0*

All students will be enrolled in English 9, English 10, English 11, and English 12.

Social Studies (must include the following) - 3.0*

One credit in World History (Geography)
One credit in U.S. History
0.5 credit of Civics (Government)
0.5 credit of Economics

Mathematics - 4.0*

One credit for Algebra
One credit for Geometry
One credit in Algebra 2
One credit of a Math elective (in senior year)

Science - 3.0*

One credit in Biology
One credit in Chemistry and or Physics
One credit of science elective

Physical Education/Health - 1.0*

0.5 credit in a physical education activity class
0.5 credit in Health

Visual/Performing/Fine Arts - 1.0*

1 credit of visual, performing or applied arts (vocational education, industrial education or business technology)

World Language - 2.0*

Credits will be of a grade appropriate language other than English

Additional Required courses** - 4.0**

Total Semester Credits required for graduation  - 22.0***
Total Trimester Credits required for graduation - 27.0***

*Or in conjunction with the State of Michigan legislative requirements.
**Prerequisite to PEP class
**Computer Education (online learning experience) satisfied with successful online experiences in the program. Upon administrative approval, life credit can be granted to satisfy some of the required course work.
***Completion of community service and completion of the MME (Michigan Merit Exam/state mandated AYP assessment) in junior year.

All requirements cited above must be met except in the case where individuals are approved for an individually prescribed alternative educational program by the building Individual Educational Planning Team.

Students transferring from trimester courses to semester courses will use 22/27 conversion factor to determine the amount of credit received upon entering GLOE and all of MMC requirements.

Community Service Requirement

In order to develop a sense of community responsibility, students are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service within their four years or ten hours per year for those enrolling at GLOE after their freshman year. The service must be documented and turned into the GLOE office.  Community Service Forms may be obtained in the office and are also available on-line.  Students transferring from GHS to GLOE must complete 10 hours for every year attending a high school in CASD.

  • Community service hours for family members must have prior administrative approval.
  • 40 hours of community service is to be documented in the GLOE office by the April semester of a student’s senior year.