Class of 2018 - Senior Honors Night

The Class of 2018 had 103 graduates: 77% (80) planned to go on to some type of post-secondary training: 8% (8) into military service, 22% (23) to two-year colleges or vocational schools and 47% (49) to four-year colleges or universities. Their career plans included business, criminal justice, education, engineering, environmental science, law, medicine, music, nursing and psychology.


LMC ALL-CONFERENCE ACADEMIC TEAM (This is the twelfth year the Lake Michigan Conference has sponsored an award program to honor top students from the schools in the conference. Each school can nominate up to 12 seniors with the highest scores according to a formula that computed GPA and SAT scores.) 
Nathaniel Burmeister, Rebecca Cheney, Anna Fisher, Mazi Gugin, Madison Helsel, Lea Hilliker, Parker Learman-Blaauw, Chantel Maczorowski, Flynn Powers, Noah Shambarger
SUMMA CUM LAUDE (PURPLE CORDS) (GPAs of 3.9 or better)  
Nathaniel Burmeister, Rebecca Cheney, Alyssa Cobb, Anna Fisher, Mazi Gugin, Madison Helsel, Lea Hilliker, Haley Kocefas, Chantel Maczorowski
MAGNA CUM LAUDE (RED CORDS) (GPAs between 3.7 and 3.899)
Kaitlin Bennett, Mallory Hatfield, Flynn Powers, Carmen Reilly, Noah Shambarger, Jenna Shelp, Carlie Jane Wilson
CUM LAUDE (GREEN CORDS) (GPAs between 3.5 and 3.699)
Lexi Dukette, Matthew Hunter, Rebecca Latusek, Parker Learman-Blaauw, Jacob Macfalda, Trey Anthony Soo-Keun Moffit, Benjamin Robbins, Skyler Schlaff, Ryleigh White, Andrew Wojdan.
HONOR ROLL STUDENTS (GPAs between 3.0 and 3.499) 
Stephanie Alexander, Skylynn Burk, Ellie Carr, Tiffany Cook, Austin Ducastel, Rickey Heavner, Cole Hibbard, Shylee Holliday, Austin Isenhauer, Katelyn Michelle Kowalski, McKenzie Nelson, Ryan Nelson, Justin Nicholas, Kaitlyn Padgett, Jaden Papendick-Gauthier, Kyla Roach, Darien Rohde, Josh Schmidt, Olivia Schreiber, Hannah Smock, Brent Weismiller, Tyler Zaiger


(GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale and in the 85th percentile or higher in math or reading on a standardized achievement test such as the SAT or ACT)
Kaitlin Bennett, Nathaniel Burmeister, Rebecca Cheney, Alyssa Cobb, Anna Fisher, Mazi Gugin, Mallory Hatfield, Lea Hilliker, Matthew Hunter, Haley Kocefas, Parker Learman-Blaauw, Flynn Powers, Ben Robbins, Noah Shambarger


(Students who have completed 1-8 Advanced Placement courses.) 
Stephanie Alexander, Chris Baudoux, Kaitlin Bennett, Emily Brown-Frontiera, Jacob Budrow, Skylynn Burk, Nathaniel Burmeister, Rebecca Cheney, Alyssa Cobb, Alexis Dukette, Anna Fisher, Chris Frederick, Mazi Gugin, Kalani Halstead, Madison Helsel, Cole Hibbard, Lea Hilliker, Shylee Holliday, Andrew Hopkins, Chris Hunter, Matthew Hunter, Haley Kocefas, Katelynn Kowalski, Rebecca Latusek, Parker Learman-Blaauw, Jacob Macfalda, Chantel Maczorowski, Trey Moffitt, Callie Nees, Ryan Nelson, Justin Nicholas, Flynn Powers, Carmen Reilly, Kyla Roach, Ben Robbins, Skyler Schlaff, Joshua Schmidt, Noah Shambarger, Jenna Shelp, Hannah Smock, Carlie Wilson, Andew Wojdan, Tyler Zaiger


(Students who have completed 5 or more Advanced Placement courses.) 
Kaitlin Bennett, Nathaniel Burmeister, Alyssa Cobb, Anna Fisher, Madison Helsel, Lea Hilliker, Haley Kocefas, Parker Learman-Blaauw, Chantel Maczorowski, Tyler Zaiger


(Students who have demonstrated outstanding potential for academic success.)
Alyssa Cobb


Christopher Baudoux, Kaitlin Bennett, Skylynn Burk, Nathaniel Burmeister, Alyssa Cobb, Reece Ferrigan, Anna Fisher, Christopher Frederick, Mazi Gugin, Madison Helsel, Cole Hibbard, Lea Hilliker, Shylee Holliday, Matthew Hunter, Haley Kocefas, Parker Learman-Blaauw, Ryan Nelson, Juan Portugal-Raygoza, Flynn Powers, Kyla Roach, Benjamin Robbins, Noah Shambarger, Jenna Shelp


(Total of more than $648,000)
Albion College: Albion Award to Justin Nicholas
Central Michigan University: Academic Excellence Awards to Jenna Shelp and Carlie Wilson
Grand Valley State University: Award for Excellence to Benjamin Robbins
Kirtland Community College: Academic Excellence Scholarship to Chantel Maczorowski
Lake Superior State University: Academic Recognition R&B Scholarship and Academic Recognition Scholarship to Joshua Schmidt 
Michigan Technological University: Presidential Achievement Scholarship and University Student Award to Lexi Dukette
Northern Michigan University: Wildcat Achievement Scholarship Level III to Flynn Powers and Wildcat Achievement Scholarship Level I to Skyler Schlaff  
Oakland University: Recognition Award to Becca Cheney and Talented Scholar Award and Geographic Region Award to Lea Hilliker
Olivet College: Shipherd Scholarship to Jesse Book
Saginaw Valley State University: Cardinal Scholarship to Rececca Latusek and Trey Moffit, Alumni Legacy Endowed Scholarship and Dean's Scholarship to Carmen Reilly and University Scholarship and Opportunity Grant to Olivia Schreiber
Spring Arbor University: Trustee Scholarship and a music scholarship to Alyssa Cobb
University of Detroit Mercy: reBUILDetroit Competitive Scholarship to Katelynn Kowalski
University of Michigan: Alumni Scholarship to Madison Helsel and HAIL Scholarships to Hayley Kocfas and Mazi Gugin
R. L. Kesseler Family Centralis/Honors Program Award at Central Michigan University: to Noah Shambarger. (The Centralis is one of CMU’s highest merit-based scholarships awarded to incoming freshmen who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance and extracurricular involvement. The program provides each student with extraordinary academic preparation, enrichment opportunities and personal development experiences.)


(Total of $51,700)
Grayling Lions Club Scholarship: Destiny Schans and Olivia Schreiber

Crawford County United Way (LIVE UNITED!) Community Service Award: Carlie Wilson

Northland Area Federal Credit Union Jerry Erickson Scholarship: Nathaniel Burmeister

Order of the Eastern Star Chapter 83 Scholarship: Becca Cheney 

Hans E. and Dora J. Lantzsch Scholarship: Carmen Reilly

Don and Marie Hale Scholarship: Tiffany Cook and Chantel Maczorowski

Louis Menard Memorial Scholarship: Haley Kocefas

Jason Potter Memorial Scholarship: Anna Fisher, Chantel Maczorowski, Destiny Schans 

Dennis Ormsbee Music Scholarship: Noah Shambarger

Irv McIsaac/Grayling Country Club Scholarship:  Chantel Maczorowski and Carmen Reilly

Loretta Sorenson Kesseler Scholarship: Rebecca Cheney

G. Jerome Kesseler Scholarship: Flynn Powers

American Legion Post 106 Scholarship: Christopher Frederick, Chantel Maczorowski and Hanna Schreiner

American Legion Auxiliary Post 106 Scholarship: Tiffany Cook
Rotary Club Academic Scholarship: Nate Burmeister, Anna Fisher and Madison Helsel 

ARICM Committee Scholarship: Haley Kocefas 
Grayling Kiwanis Club General Fund Scholarship: Alyssa Cobb

Myrtle Wright Miller Scholarship: Becca Cheney

Gleaner Life Insurance Society Frank and Shirley Dick Scholarship Award: Alyssa Cobb

National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship: Mallory Hatfield

Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital Scholarship: 
Becca Cheney and Madison Helsel 
American Red Cross Blood Services High School Scholarship: Haley Kocefas

Grayling AuSable Football League Scholarship: Justin Nicholas and Carlie Wilson 

Crawford AuSable Excellence in Education Foundation Awards:

Benjamin Henig M.D. Memorial Scholarship:
Madison Helsel
CAEEF Scholarship: Nate Burmeister and Becca Cheney

Clara Sorenson Memorial Scholarship: Kaitlin Bennett 
Howard “Whitey” Madsen Memorial Scholarship: Carlie Wilson
Joseph and Faith Stripe Memorial Scholarship: Alyssa Cobb

Roger and Phyllis Kesseler Endowed Scholarship: Anna Fisher, Rebecca Latusek and Carmen Reilly 

Kodiak Group Scholarship: Tiffany Cook

Grayling Generating Station Scholarship: Tiffany Cook

Roy O. Milnes Award:

Noah Shambarger