Student Senate

Student Senate

Student Senate is a GHS course that provides students who have shown exceptional work ethic and participation in their classes with the honor of having a say in the activities and workings of the high school. 

Student Senate is involved in many events in the high school as well as in the community. Senators are also influential in making many decisions for the school, including the Homecoming and Snowgoing Spirit Week events and dress days. Here is a list of the events that Senate has recently worked on:

  • Organizing the Homecoming Dance
  • Constructing the Class Homecoming Floats
  • Creating Class Homecoming Banners
  • Organizing the Veterans' Day Assembly
  • Organizing Class Fundraisers
  • Participating in the Homecoming Parade
  • Handling the Powder Puff Football Game Concessions
  • Hosting Spirit Week Assemblies and Activities
  • Making Reminders for Paying Class Dues
  • Creating the Senior Video
  • Overseeing Prom
  • Organizing the Snowgoing Dance and Other Activities
  • Organizing Blood Drives
  • Recycling 
  • Advertising School & Community Events
  • Supporting our 2019-2020 Charities: GHS Viking Pantry & Cancer AwarenessGirls on a Homecoming float

Seniors: Class of 2021

Advisors: Loren Cobb, Shelly Paulus
Governor: Katelyn Moore 
President: Alison Brown
Vice President: Ellie Wagner
Secretary: Kayleigh Paulus
Treasurer: Evan Renn 
Class Rep: Gavin Bowers

Juniors: Class of 2022

Advisors: Meredith Anderson, Joni Welch
Lt. Governor: Alaina Anderson
President: Allyson Johnson
Vice President: Maddi Elliott
Secretary: Makayleigh Laskowski 
Treasurer: Sage Jones 
Class Rep: Kayli Burch

Sophomores: Class of 2023

Advisors: Sarah Amman, Gary Matelski
Executive Secretary: Kynadi Dole 
President: Kaycie Smith 
Vice President: Raigen Bowers 
Secretary: Gabby Helinski 
Treasurer: Lauren Hartman
Class Rep: Thomas Jones 
Class Rep: Naomi Barnett

Freshmen: Class of 2024

Advisors: Alecia Angerer, Hayley Strohpaul
Executive Treasurer: Alyssa Huber 
President: Kylie Tuck
Vice President: Rylan Finstrom
Secretary: Brittlynn Elliott
Treasurer: Hannah Mikulin 

Community Service

Chair: Katelyn Moore
Co-Chair: Ellie Wagner
Madi Elliott
Rylan Finstrom
Gabby Helinski

Student Activities 

Chair: Alaina Anderson
Co-Chair: Kynadi Dole
Gavin Bowers
Makayleigh Laskowski
Evan Renn
Kylie Tuck

Public Relations

Chair: Ally Johnson
Co-Chair: Sage Jones
Raigen Bowers
Alison Brown
Britt Elliott
Hannah Mikulun

Student Improvement Team

Chair: Kaycie Smith
Co-Chair: Lauren Hartman
Naomi Barnett
Makynna Holmes
Alyssa Huber
Thomas Jones
Kayleigh Paulus