ROTC Scholarship Programs

Name of Program


P.O. Box 7000
Larchmont, NY

NROTC Navy-Marine Corps Commander

Navy Recruiting Command (C314)
4015 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22203


Commandant of the Marine Corps

Headquarters US Marine Corps (MRRO-6)
Washington, DC 20380

Air Force AFROTC

Maxwell Air Force Base, AL 36112


Test Code Numbers

SAT #0454
ACT #1676




SAT  #RO656
ACT  #1656



SAT #RO548


Eligibility and Admission

(may vary with branch of service)

  • U.S. citizen, male or female, minimum age of 17 years
  • Moral integrity, physically qualified
  • Enrolled agreement (varies with branch, but usually 6 years - 4 active, 2 reserve) to follow graduation from college; be able to complete degree before age 25
  • Tuition and books are paid for, some fees, $100/month allowance for usual ten-month academic year, plus earnings at summer camp
  • Get applications at addresses indicated or from local recruiting offices
  • Deadlines for submitting applications:
    Army - November 15
    Navy/Marines - December 1
    Air Force - December 15