Testing Out Policy Guide


In compliance with Michigan P.A. 380, Section 1279(B) and Section 1278(A)(4)(C), the Crawford AuSable School District will provide high school students with annual opportunities to test out of courses at Grayling High School. Forms are available in the Counseling Office.

Q's & A's

Q: What is "testing out"?

A: Testing out is passing a high school course final exam or equivalent with a minimum grade of C+ (77%).

Q: What happens when students "test out" of a class?

A: Students receive credit, and they will receive a "T.O." (tested out) on their transcripts. The T.O. does not calculate into students' grade point averages.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of test-out exams students may take?

A: No. Students may attempt to test out of all the credit areas required for graduation in the Merit Curriculum. This does not include the local requirements for graduation.

Q: Can the school district deny credit to a student who is enrolled in a course and has not met the district attendance policy?

A: Yes. However, a student who fails to earn credit for not meeting attendance policy may still request to test out of a subject regardless of the amount of class time or attendance. The opportunity to do so, however, is limited by the testing-out timelines.

Q: Will testing out allow a student to graduate early?

A: Students must still follow the early graduation policy described in the Student Handbook even if all graduation requirements have been met.

Q: Can students test out of any of the new credit areas required for graduation?

A: Yes, students can test out of any of the credit areas required for graduation, and it is not limited to specific credit areas.

Q: Can students get tutoring or materials to prepare for testing out?

A: Teachers are not required to tutor or prepare students for testing out. There are a limited number of textbooks available for the students to check out of the Counseling Office.

How to test out of a class:

1. Consider the following information.

When considering testing out of a class, students and parents should make sure that this will not have an adverse effect on a student’s future plans. For example, if a student wants to be able to compete in athletics at the collegiate level, he or she will need to pass the eligibility standards of the NCAA. The NCAA does not consider classes completed through credit-by-exam as NCAA approved core courses. Additionally, some universities will not count as core courses any courses earned through testing out.  

2. Fill out the paper work linked here.

3. Wait for your result.

Tests will be graded. If you earn at least a C+ (77%), you will receive a T.O. on your transcript and a credit for your course.