Class of 2021 Senior Honors Night

The Class of 2021 has 83 graduates. 

80% (66) plan to continue to some type of post-secondary training:

1% (1) into military service 

30% (25) to two-year colleges or vocational schools 

47% (39) to four-year colleges or universities

Their career plans include medicine, public safety, aviation, fire science, psychiatry, business, nursing, chemistry, culinary arts and engineering.  

They have contributed, in total, more than 4,497 community service hours.

They have earned over $664,000 in scholarships from colleges and over $67,000 in local scholarship funds, for a total of over $731,000. 


LMC ALL-CONFERENCE ACADEMIC TEAM: (This is the fifteenth year the Lake Michigan conference has sponsored an award program to honor top students from the schools in the conference. Each school can nominate up to 12 seniors with the highest scores according to a formula that computed GPA and SAT scores.) 
Noah Abney, Jacob Black, Alora Cobb, Alison Brown, Madison Hall, Anthony Harrington, Sean Hilliker, Katelyn Moore, Kayleigh Paulus, James Potter, Evan Renn, Andrew Walsh  
SUMMA CUM LAUDE (PURPLE CORDS) (GPAs of 3.9 or better): 
Noah Abney, Jacob Black, Alison Brown, Alora Cobb, Madison Hall, Sean Hilliker, Katelyn Moore, Kayleigh Paulus, James Potter, Andrew Walsh  
MAGNA CUM LAUDE (RED CORDS) (GPAs between 3.7 and 3.899):
Claire Barber, Reid Cvitkovich, Kaitlyn Hall, Anthony Harrington, Evan Renn   
GPAS 3.5 and 3.699):
Haliegh Bruno, Alec Gardiner, Andrew Gonzales, Jenna Haring, Susan Jimenez, Andrew Kanary, Lillian Kengel, Derek Long, Russell Mansfield, Justice Otterbacher, Francis Poling, Jacob Schade 
HONOR ROLL STUDENTS (GOLD CORDS) (GPAs between 3.0 and 3.499):
Eliot Boik, Gavin Bowers, Trinity Dutton, Sophie Frasik, Belle Hatfield, Alex Holliday, Gabrielle Lutz, Lily Moon, Alexis Quiñones, Peyton Scheer, Jaelyn Teboe, Sierra Trudeau, Anthony Vitale, Ellie Wagner, Emma Whittemore    


(GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale and in the 85th percentile or higher in math or reading on a standardized achievement test such as the SAT or ACT.)  
Noah Abney, Alison Brown, Alora Cobb, Alec Gardiner, Madison Hall, Anthony Harrington, Sean Hilliker, Alex Holliday, Kayleigh Paulus, James Potter, Even Renn, Andrew Walsh 


Evan Renn 


(Students who have completed five or more AP courses)
Noah Abney, Alison Brown, Alora Cobb, Reid Cvitkovich, Kaitlyn Hall, Madison Hall, Anthony Harrington, Sean Hilliker, Alex Holliday, Lillian Kengel, Derek Long, Katelyn Moore, Kayleigh Paulus, Even Renn, Andrew Walsh     


Students whose total SAT scores equaled 1200 or more; they receive certificates of merit from the State of Michigan and are eligible for State of Michigan Competitive Scholarships.)
Noah Abney, Jacob Black, Alison Brown, Alora Cobb, Reid Cvitkovich, Alec Gardiner, Kaitlyn Hall, Madison Hall, Anthony Harrington, Sean Hilliker, Alex Holliday, Andrew Kanary, Gabrielle Lutz, Russell Mansfield, Katelyn Moore, Kayleigh Paulus, James Potter, Evan Renn, Anthony Vitale, Andrew Walsh   


Andrew Walsh


(Total of $664,667)
Alma College: Tartan Award and Scholars Summit Award to Derek Long
Central Michigan University: Maroon & Gold Merit Recognition Awards to Gabrielle Lutz and Peyton Scheer
Eastern Michigan University: Emerald Scholarship to Klay Baker
Grand Valley State University: Laker Scholarship to Claire Barber
Lake Superior State University: Distinguished Scholarship and Anchor Award to Katelyn Moore
Michigan State University: Michigan Resident Scholarship to Kaitlyn Hall
Michigan Technological University: Presidential Scholars Award Gold Level to James Potter
Northern Michigan University: Wildcat Achievement Scholarship Level 1 to Ellie Wager and Francis Poling and Wildcat Achievement Scholarship Level 5 to Anthony Harrington
Saginaw Valley State University: Faculty Scholarship and Valley Housing Scholarship to Belle Hatfield
University of Michigan: HAIL Scholarship to Madison Hall, Sean Hilliker and Anthony Vitale
University of Northern Colorado: Presidential Scholarship and Non-Resident Scholarship Kayleigh Paulus
University of Texas at San Antonio: Distinguished Presidential scholarship to Noah Abney
Wheaton College: Presidential Scholarship to Alora Cobb
R. L. Kesseler Family Centralis/Honors Program Award: Alison Brown
(The Centralis is one of CMU’s highest merit-based scholarships awarded to incoming freshmen who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance and extracurricular involvement. The program provides scholars with extraordinary academic preparation, enrichment opportunities, personal development experiences and with opportunities designed to enhance their academic and professional development; it signifies the university's commitment to recognize and encourage the intellectual potential of outstanding students and academically strengthen the university.) 


(Total of $67,500)
American Legion Post 106 Scholarships: Andrew Kanary, Justice Otterbacher and Evan Renn
Irv McIsaac Memorial Scholarships from the Grayling Country Club: Gabrielle Lutz and Katelyn Moore
Northwest Michigan Chapter, Military Officers Association of America Scholarship: Evan Renn
ARICM Committee Scholarship: Katelyn Moore 
Grayling Kiwanis Club Community Foundation Scholarship: Francis Poling
Crawford County United Way (LIVE UNITED!) Community Service Award: Evan Renn
Gleaner Life Insurance Society Foundation Scholarship: Alora Cobb 
Rotary Club Academic Scholarships: Andrew Kanary, Katelyn Moore and Evan Renn
Rotary Club Vocational Scholarships: Russell Mansfield and Lily Moon
Grayling Hospital Medical Staff Healthcare Scholarship: Evan Renn 
Tyler Steffey Character Scholarship: Ellie Wagner
Moffit Family “Difference Maker” Scholarship: Katelyn Moore
Grayling Lions Club Scholarships: Eliot Boik, Alora Cobb and Andrew Kanary 
Cheney Family Scholarship: Andrew Kanary
Crawford AuSable Excellence in Education (CAEEF) Academic Scholarships: Alora Cobb, Kaitlyn Hall, Belle Hatfield, Justice Otterbacher, Kayleigh Paulus and Evan Renn 
Crawford AuSable Excellence in Education (CAEEF) Skilled Trades and Vocational Scholarships: Jacob Black and Lily Moon
Benjamin Henig M.D. Memorial Scholarship: Kayleigh Paulus
Patsy Wiseman Snider Memorial Scholarship: Evan Renn
Clara Sorenson Memorial Scholarship: Alora Cobb 
Joseph and Faith Stripe Memorial Scholarship: Evan Renn
Steffey Family Scholarships: Katelyn Moore and Evan Renn 
Isabel Duba Memorial Scholarships: Gavin Bowers, Anthony Harrington, Derek Long, Jacob Black, Haliegh Bruno, Alora Cobb, Kaitlyn Hall, Madison Hall, Belle Hatfield, Andrew Kanary, Gabrielle Lutz, Lily Moon, Katelyn Moore, Justice Otterbacher, Kayleigh Paulus, Francis Poling and Evan Renn 
Roger and Phyllis Kesseler and Family Scholarship: Kaitlyn Hall and Justice Otterbacher 
G. Jerome Kesseler Scholarship: Katelyn Moore 
Loretta Sorenson Kesseler Scholarship: Andrew Kanary
Kodiak Group Scholarship: James Potter 
Grayling Generating Station Scholarship: Andrew Kanary

Roy O. Milnes Award:

Katelyn Moore