Extended Learning Year (ELY)

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Extended Learning Year (ELY)

GES offers an Extended Learning Year. ELY, which begins in August, adds an additional ten days of learning to the traditional school calendar while evenly distributing breaks throughout the school year. 

With approximately six classrooms per grade level, two or three of them will be designated as ELY classrooms. This means that at each grade level we may have four classrooms operating on the traditional calendar with 180 instructional days and two classrooms operating on the ELY calendar with 190 instructional days. (Please note that on approximately 145 of the 190 days of the ELY calendar, both traditional and extended learning students will be in session together.) 

We believe in choices for our families. Just as you choose multi-age or traditional classroom placements, this too will be your family choice: Your child will be placed in an ELY classroom only if your family chooses to participate.

Contact Grayling Elementary for more information at 989-344-3655. 

Karla Nester's 1st Grade ELY Class - Spring 2021
Elementary students Elementary students Elementary students     Elementary students Elementary students Elementary students 

Elementary students

Elementary students     

Jean Strohpaul's 3rd Grade ELY Class - Spring 2021
Children in classroom     Children in classroom   
Children in classroom     Elementary students outside

ELY students visited Shetler Dairy Farms during an intercession in 2017








Some reasons why an ELY is beneficial for families:


  • Research tells us that students tend to forget a lot during the summer. Shorter breaks from school will increase the ability for students to retain information that they have learned.
  • Our ELY summer break will be 6 weeks compared to 11 weeks in the traditional calendar. Throughout the remainder of the school year, child care/enrichment programs called "intersessions" will be offered during the week-long breaks. (Intersessions will be offered when traditional calendar students are in session at a minimal fee.)
  • The ELY calendar offers several extended breaks throughout the year, allowing families more opportunities to travel.

See the following website: External LinkNational Association of Year-Round Education

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