Scholarships Program

The 2023 scholarship application window is now open. You can print the application below, complete it carefully and submit it at the Grayling High School Counseling Office.

2023 Application for both academic and trade/vocational scholarships



CAEEF was created in 2015 to benefit the students, staff and schools of the Crawford AuSable School District through college scholarships for seniors and grants for projects in pre-K-12th grade classrooms. Thanks to our generous donors, the scholarships program has been growing every year since it began:

In 2017, we awarded $4,000 to four GHS graduates.
In 2018, we awarded $8,500 to nine GHS graduates.
In 2019, we awarded $11,600 to nine GHS graduates.
In 2020, we awarded $12,200 to 15 GHS graduates.
In 2021, we awarded $23,000 to 17 GHS graduates.
In 2022, we awarded $57,500 to 17 GHS graduates and 1 undergraduate student.

TOTAL of all scholarships awarded as of spring 2022: $116,800

Scholarship recipients


At the May 2022 Senior Honors Night program, CAEEF awarded $57,500 in scholarships to 17 students. 
Front: Robin Long, Elizabeth Kucharek, Audrey Duba, Makayleigh Laskowski, Allyson Johnson, Alaina Anderson, Shelby Thomas; back: Matt Kuziel, Trevor Rakoczy, Cameron Ketchum, Benjamin Thompson. Not pictured: Madalynn Elliott, Lacie Hoffman, Ally Laine, Anthony Mclean, David Millikin and Destiny Sotomayor. (Photo by Mark Binert-Armstrong)


Scholarship recipients


2022 ISABEL LORRAINE DUBA SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS: Elizabeth Kucharek, Audrey Duba, Robin Long, Makayleigh Laskowski, David Millikin, Alaina Anderson, Shelby Thomas, Ally Laine, Madalynn Elliott








2021 CAEEF Scholarship Recipients
At the May 2021 Senior Honors Night program, CAEEF awarded $23,250 in scholarships to 17 students.

Front: Haliegh Bruno, Kayleigh Paulus, Madison Hall, Kaitlyn Hall, Katelyn Moore, Belle Hatfield, Justice Otterbacher, Lily Moon, Alora Cobb, Francis Poling; Back: Evan Renn, Andrew Kanary, Gavin Bowers, Anthony Harrington, Derek Long, Gabrielle Lutz, Jacob Black. (Photo by Mark Binert-Armstrong)

Three Isabel Duba Scholarship Winners

The Isabel Lorraine Duba Scholarship Recipients: Anthony Harrington, Derek Long, Gavin Bowers (Photo by Heather Duba)

All Isabel Duba Scholarships Winners

Isabel Lorraine Duba Scholarship applicants, all of whom received scholarships: Anthony Harrington, Derek Long, Kayleigh Paulus, Gavin Bowers, Katelyn Moore, Gabrielle Lutz, Francis Poling, Andrew Kanary, Haliegh Bruno, Madison Hall, Kaitlyn Hall, Lily Moon, Evan Renn. Not pictured: Jacob Black, Alora Cobb, Belle Hatfield, Justice Otterbacher. (Photo by Heather Duba)

At the May 2020 Senior Honors Night, which was taped and presented on May 20 at 6 p.m., CAEEF awarded $12,200 in scholarships to:


2020 GHS graduate Madison Hehir  G. JEROME KESSELER: Madison Hehir


2020 GHS graduate Georgia Barber LORETTA S. KESSELER: Georgia Barber


2020 GHS graduate Elijah Jackson ART CLOUGH: Elijah Jackson


2020 GHS graduate Emma Mertes BENJAMIN HENIG, M.D.: Emma Mertes


2020 GHS graduate Alexandria Alma CLARA SORENSON: Alexandria Alma


2020 GHS graduate Sarah Rakoczy JOSEPH & FAITH STRIPE MEMORIAL: Sarah Rakoczy


2020 GHS graduate Gage Davis 2020 GHS graduate Nicholas Frederick 2020 GHS graduate Garrett Reilly
Gage Davis, Nicholas Frederick, Garrett Reilly


2020 GHS graduate Katherine Snider 2020 GHS graduate Lauren Helsel 2020 GHS graduate Nicholas Green 2020 GHS graduate Sterling Shazri 2020 GHS graduate Erik Rohde 2020 GHS graduate Nicholas Bluemlein
CAEEF: Katherine Snider, Lauren Helsel, Nicholas Green,
Sterling Shazri, Erik Rohde, Nicholas Bluemlein


At the May 2019 Senior Honors Night program, CAEEF awarded $11,600 in scholarships to nine students to begin their freshman year of college in the fall of 2019: Abby Pippin, Miranda Makowski, Ryan Anderson, Hailey Hartman, Mike Metiva, Esa Powers, Blane Johnston, Zora Binert. Not pictured: Mallory Hatfield. (Photo by Mark Binert-Armstrong)


At the May 2018 Senior Honors Night program, CAEEF awarded $8,500 in scholarships to nine students to begin their freshman year of college in the fall of 2018: Nate Burmeister, Rebecca Cheney, Anna Fisher, Carmen Reilly, Kaitlin Bennett, Madison Helsel, Alyssa Cobb, Rebecca Latusek, Carlie Wilson. (Photo by Mark Binert-Armstrong)

At the May 2017 Senior Honors Night program, CAEEF awarded $4,000 in scholarships to four students to begin their freshman year of college in the fall of 2017: Jenna Bryan, Carly Cross, Dharma Wyskiel, Alayna Cobb.