Building Use Requests

Building Use by Outside Groups

Due to the current safety and mitigation requirements related to COVID-19, we are limiting non-school groups from accessing CASD buildings for use. We anticipate that enhanced mitigation efforts will end July 1, 2021. Groups wishing to utilize our facilities after that day may submit a request for consideration.

It is the policy of the school district to charge a fee for building use. Fees are based on the cost of utilities, materials and personnel to the district and upon the type of group using the facility.

Requests for building use must be filed at least ten days prior to the date requested. Classrooms, cafeteria, auditorium and gymnasium are available for use. Requests for use during school hours must be processed through the building principals.

Persons or groups wishing to use school district facilities outside of the regular school day can click on one of the links below to print and submit the request. If it is approved, a contract will be completed.

Google DocCASD Building Use Fees
Google DocGHS Building Use Form
Google DocGMS Building Use Form
Google DocGES Building Use Form