The Crawford AuSable Excellence in Education Foundation (CAEEF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was created in August 2015 to: 

1) provide academic scholarships to graduating students of the Crawford AuSable School District who will attend post-secondary schools to earn degrees 

2) provide funds for grants to classes and educational organizations in the CASD. 

Our Grayling High School scholarship program, which began in spring 2017, has grown every year:

In 2017, we gave $4,000 to four graduates. 

In 2018, we gave $8,500 to nine graduates. 

In 2019, we gave $11,600 to nine graduates. (This was also our first year to award two four-year scholarships.)

In 2020, we gave $12,200 to 15 graduates (including two more four-year scholarships for a total of four).

In 2021, we gave $23,000 to 17 graduates (including two more four-year scholarships for a total of six).

(For more information on scholarships, please see the Scholarships Programs page.) 

Our grants program, which we started in summer 2018 for all CASD students, is growing as well: 

In summer 2018 we awarded two grants -- $1,000 to the GHS chemistry department for laboratory equipment and $1,000 to the GMS art department for digital cameras.

In winter 2019 we awarded three grants: $1,100 to the GHS P.E. Department for heart rate monitors, $600 to the GES Imagination Library and $300 to the GHS and GMS Viking Renaissance Programs for their prize closets, rallies and drawings.

In summer 2019, we awarded three grants: $1,100 to the GES STEM program for two Makey Makey invention kits, $400 to the GMS robotics class for one super kit (+).and $100 to the GHS Viking Renaissance Program for prizes.

In winter 2020, we awarded four grants: $850 to the GES STEM/Robotics program to go toward a LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 kit, $850 to GES for supplies for its BEE-Healthy Garden, $850 to the GMS World Cultures & Cuisines class for ingredients for dishes and $850 to the GMS Language Arts Department for its Shakespeare Drama unit.

In winter 2021, we awarded five grants: $1,968 to GES for K-2 STEM equipment, $1,200 to GES for microscopes for science classes, $750 to the GMS art department for digital cameras, $141 to the GHS Viking Renaissance Program for its prize closet and $141 to GMS for its Junior Viking Renaissance Program.

(For more information on grants, please see the Grants Program page.)

But we can’t do it alone.

Only with your help can we continue to make progress toward our initial goal of raising $1 million to continue supporting our students, graduates and staff. Please help us hit our goal by making a donation to CAEEF. 

The photo at the top of the page was taken by a GMS art student using one of the digital cameras funded by a CAEEF grant in 2018.

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You can donate to CAEEF

The major source of our fundraising comes from donations, and we hope you'll consider giving to CAEEF. Whether a gift within your means is $10, $1,000 or somewhere in between, be assured that your tax-deductible donation will go directly to help our students, staffs and schools.

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