CASD Alumni Hall of Fame 2010 Inductees

Front: Mr. Melvin Nielson, Mr. Mike Pappas, Ms. Stephanie (Hindmarsh) Dennehy, Dr. Jon Thompson,
Dr. Mike Latusek, Mr. James Kucharek;
Back: Mr. Gary Russell, Mr. William Gould, Mr. Richard Gould, Mr. James Burtch, Mr. Steve DuBois,
Dr. David Sabin;
Not Pictured: Mr. Geoff Stancil Bichler, Mr. Mark Hamilton, Ms. Norma Madill, Mr. Steve Olsen,
Mr. Nicholas Stancil.

Information for the CASD Alumni Hall of Fame profiles was taken from the nomination forms. Inductees, family members and/or friends with corrections and/or additions can e-mail them to