CASD Alumni Hall of Fame 2004 Inductees

Front: Dr. Nathaniel Rosi, Dr. Trisha (Ormsbee) Wells, Dr. Yolanda Rosi, Dr. Christopher Lepsy, Mr. Richard Joseph;
Back: Dr. Peter Oppermann, Dr. Michael Burkley, Mr. Jason Thompson, Dr. Douglas Slater, Dr. Paul Sojka, Mr. Allen Lowe, Mr. Roger Kesseler, Judge John Hunter.
Not Pictured: Dr. Patricia Duley, Dr. Wendy Gee, Dr. Ralph Oppermann, Mr. Jordan Stancil.


2004 GHS Inductees

Information for the CASD Alumni Hall of Fame profiles was taken from the nomination forms. Inductees, family members and/or friends with corrections and/or additions can e-mail them to