Classes 2018-2021



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2017-18 Class Officers (Tri 2):

Advisors: Eric Tunney & Tracy Wilson
Governor: Haley Kocefas
President: Kaitlin Bennett
Vice President: Madison Helsel
Secretary: Jenna Shelp
Treasurer: Hannah Smock
Representatives: Justin Nicholas & Becca Cheney
At Large Members: Nate Burmeister, Tiffany Cook, Mallory Hatfield

Class Apparel

Class Apparel orders are offered at the beginning of the school year and again just before the holidays.  Class apparel supports fundraising activities of the class and is worn on class days for events like fundraisers, Homecoming and Snowgoing. Ideally, we would like each student to have at least one piece of class apparel. 

Important Dates for Seniors, 2018


2017-18 Class Officers (Tri 2):

Advisors: Meredith Anderson & Tim Zigila
Lt. Governor: Emily Sajdak
President: Abby Pippin
Vice President: Ryan Anderson
Secretary: Nicole Oppermann
Treasurer: Madi Longendyke
At Large Members: Zora Binert, Carlee Miller, David Walsh











Student Senate 2016-17


2017-18 Class Officers (Tri 2):

Advisors: Sarah Allen & Erin Krabill
Executive Secretary: Allie Moffit
President: Olivia Van De Ven
Vice President: Lauren Helsel
Secretary: Jocelyn Brown
Treasurer: Jenna Schwartz
At Large Members: Alex Alma, Cecelia Cvitkovich, Delaney Linderer, Sarah Rakoczy 


2017-18 Class Officers (Tri 2):

Advisors: Loren Cobb & Shelley Kammer-Paulus
Executive Treasurer: Evan Renn
President: Alison Brown
Vice President: Katelyn Moore
Secretary: Ellie Wagner
Treasurer: RaeAnna Brown
Representative: Alexa King
At Large Member: Kayleigh Paulus


Each graduating class collects class dues from each student to offset the number of necessary fund raiser activities needed for satisfying class financial obligations. Class dues and fund raiser monies are utilized for the purpose of covering costs such as homecoming events, floats, snowgoing activities, window painting, banner making, lip-sync activities, class t-shirts, senior yearbooks, junior/senior prom, senior flowers for graduation and spirit week competitions in addition to other expenses that may occur. Questions regarding class activities and finances should be directed to the class advisors.

Class dues must be paid by the end of each school year, or the student may be placed on social probation. Refer to Billing, Class Dues, and Community Service in the Student Code of Conduct section of the handbook.

Dues are $40. This can be paid all at once -- or at least $10 per year.

To avoid social probation, students need to have:

$10 of class dues paid and 10 hours of community service hours turned in by the first day of school their sophomore year.

$20 of class dues paid and 20 hours of community service turned in by the first day of their junior year.

$30 of class dues paid and 30 hours of community service turned in by the first day of their senior year.

$40 of class dues and 40 hours of community service by March 1 of their senior year.

If dues are not paid by the senior year, the student may be in jeopardy of not participation in the graduation ceremony.

Please make dues payable to "GHS Class of _____" and enter the student's graduation year. They may be mailed to the advisors at GHS, or students can hand deliver them. Cash is accepted.

Class advisors are responsible for approving spending and all other financial decisions, along with collecting and tracking class dues.

-Donna Boughner, Principal