Class of 2016 - Senior Honors Night

The Class of 2016  had 81 graduates; 89% (73) planned to go on to some type of post-secondary training: 3% (3) into military service, 31% (25) to 2-year colleges or vocational schools, and 55% (45) to four-year colleges and universities. Their career plans included athletic training, biochemical engineering, business, conservation, geology, medicine, nursing, political science, psychology and software programming.  


LAKE MICHIGAN CONFERENCE ALL-CONFERENCE ACADEMIC TEAM (Each school in the LMC can nominate the 12 seniors with the highest scores according to a formula that computed GPA and scores on standardized tests such as ACT or SAT.) 
Jackie Bulmer, Zach Burger, Noah Dannenburg, Emily Jackson, Shae-Lin Kraycs, Brittany Nielson, Sarah Pavey, Erica Umlor, Ryan Weeks, Aaron Wojdan
SUMMA CUM LAUDE (PURPLE CORDS) (GPAs of 3.9 or better)   
Garrett Anderson, C.J. Bennett, Ashley Branch, Jacqueline Bulmer, Zachary Burger, Noah Dannenberg, Emily Jackson, Shae-lin Kraycs, Nicholas Lalonde, Sally Metiva, Brittany Nielson, Sarah Pavey, Erica Jade Umlor, Aaron Wojdan
MAGNA CUM LAUDE (RED CORDS) (GPAs between 3.7 and 3.899)
Kimberly Cook, Brianna Gugin, Trent Hickman, Elijah Robbins, Ryan Weeks
CUM LAUDE (GREEN CORDS) (GPAs between 3.5 and 3.699)
RJ Bolzman, Jordan Denton, Tyler Helsel, Annalise Holcomb, Savannah Klapec, Logan Noffsinger, Kaelen O’Toole
HONOR ROLL STUDENTS (GPAs between 3.0 and 3.499) 
James Bertram, Christina Bonamie, Kaden Brigham, Maryn Burrell, Brandi Conforti, Cassidy Debusschere, Jeremy Garcia, Blake Gregory, Chelsea Hyland, Devin Joseph, Gabi Larm, Chase Lohr, Ian Mark, Kyle Morrison, Kelsey Palmer, Ethan Parish, Nick Petrie, Joe Petrosky, Lucas Andrew Peter Scott, Rachel Sills, Ashley Stout, Chandler Swierz, William Bryce Whitley


(GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale and in the 85th percentile or higher in math or reading on a standardized achievement test such as the SAT or ACT)
Garrett Anderson, C.J. Bennett, Ashley Branch, Jackie Bulmer, Zach Burger, Noah Dannenberg, Brianna Gugin, Trent Hickman, Emily Jackson, Shae-lin Kraycs, Nick Lalonde, Sally Metiva, Brittany Nielson, Kaelen O'Toole, Sarah Pavey, Elijah Robbins, Lucas Scott, Ashley Stout, Erica Umlor, Ryan Weeks, Aaron Wojdan


(Completed 1-8 Advanded Placement courses. The students with stars (*) after their names completed 5 or more AP courses.)
Garrett Anderson, C.J. Bennett*, James Bertram, Christina Bonamie, Ashley Branch, Kaden Brigham, Jackie Bulmer, Zach Burger*, Maryn Burrell, Kim Cook, Noah Dennenberg, Brianna Gugin, Trent Hickman*, Annalise Holcomb, Emily Jackson, Devin Joseph, Shae-lin Kraycs, Nick Lalonde, Chase Lohr, Sally Metiva*, Kyle Morrison, Jordan Myers, Brittany Nielson, Logan Noffsinger, Kaelen O'Toole, Kelsey Palmer, Sarah Pavey*, Nick Petrie, Elijah Robbins, Lucas Scott, Erica Umlor*, Ryan Weeks, Aaron Wojdan


(All Michigan students now take the ACT test in their junior year as part of the Michigan Merit Exam. Those whose combined scores on the four sub-tests total 90 or more receive certificates of merit from the State of Michigan and are eligible for State of Michigan Competitive Scholarships.)
Garrett Anderson, C.J. Bennett, James Bertram, Christina Bonamie, Ashley Branch, Kaden Brigham, Jacqueline Bulmer, Zachary Burger, Noah Dannenberg, Jeremy Garcia, Brianna Gugin, Trent Hickman, Emily Jackson, Devin Joseph, Shae-lin Kraycs, Nick Lalonde, Chase Lohr, Ian Mark, Sally Metiva, Kyle Morrison, Jordan Myers, Brittany Nielson, Kaelen O'Toole, Ethan Parish, Sarah Pavey, Nickolas Petrie, Joseph Petroskey, Elijah Robbins, Lucas Scott, Ashley Stout, Chandler Swiercz. Erica Umlor, Ryan Weeks, Aaron Wojdan


(Total of $865,072)
Brown University: Brown University Scholarship to Zach Burger
Central Michigan University: Academic Prestige Awards  to Devin Joseph, Nick Petrie and Lucas Scott, Academic Excellence Award to Kaden Brigham, Academic Success Award to Kimberly Cook 
Ferris State University: Provost’s Scholarship to Garrett Anderson, Crimson Scholarship to Ethan Parish, Crimson and Residential Life Scholarships to Jordyn Myers
Full Sail University: Creative Minds Scholarship to Ian Mark
Grand Valley State University: Award for Excellence Scholarship to Elijah Robbins and Brianna Gugin, Laker Scholarship to Nicholas LaLonde
Hope College: Presidential Scholarship to Emily Jackson
Kettering University: Provost’s Scholarship to Kaelen O’Toole 
Kirtland Community College: Academic Excellence Scholarship RJ Bolzman 
Lake Superior State University: Board of Trustees Distinguished Scholarship to Noah Dannenburg, Laker Gold Scholarship to Sarah Pavey, Board of Trustees Academic Recognition Scholarship to Maryn Burrell 
Michigan Technological University: Scholars of Distinction Scholarship to Erica Umlor 
Northern Michigan University: Success Award to James Bertram and Joseph Petrosky, Honors Award to Savannah Klapec and Ashley Stout
Oakland University: Distinguished Scholar Award and and Geographic Region Award to Shae-lin Kraycs
Saginaw Valley State University: Founders’ Scholarship to Ashley Branch and Jacqueline Bulmer, Dean’s Scholarship to Chrissy Bonamie and Chandler Swiercz 
​University of Michigan: H.A.I.L. Scholarship to Brittany Nielson
R. L. Kesseler Family Centralis/Honors Program Scholarship at Central Michigan University: to Ryan Weeks


(Total of $49,700)
G. Jerome Kesseler Scholarship: Erica Umlor
Loretta Sorenson Kesseler Scholarship: Kimberly Cook 
Rasmusson-Klug Scholarship: Zach Burger and Nick Petrie
Greg Petrie Memorial Scholarship: Jackie Bulmer
Order of the Eastern Star Chapter 83: Brianna Gugin, Sally Metiva and Erica Umlor
CASD Board Scholarship: Zach Burger 
Irv McIsaac/Country Club Scholarship: Garrett Anderson and Kim Cook
Louis Menard Memorial Scholarship: Sally Metiva
Jason Potter Memorial Scholarship: James Bertram and Erica Umlor
Crawford County United Way (LIVE UNITED!) Community Service Award: Chrissy Bonamie
American Legion Post 106: Brittany Nielson, Nick Petrie and Erica Umlor
American Legion Auxiliary Post 106: Maryn Burrell
Hans & Dora Lantsch Scholarship: Jackie Bulmer
Grayling Lions Club Scholarship: Maryn Burrell, Chase Lohr and Nick Petrie
Grayling Hospital Myrtle Wright Miller Scholarship: Jackie Bulmer 
Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 264 Scholarship: Nick Petrie
Benjamin Henig M.D. Memorial Scholarship: Jackie Bulmer
Grayling AuSable Football League Scholarship: Nick Petrie and Shae-Lin Kraycs
Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan: Sally Metiva
National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship: Jackie Bulmer 
Rotary Club Voc-Tech Scholarship: Ashley Branch
Rotary Club Academic Scholarship: Chrissy Bonamie, Jackie Bulmer, Zach Burger and Sally Metiva 
Grayling Hospital Medical Staff Healthcare Scholarship: Zach Burger and Emily Jackson 
CASD Alumni Foundation Joseph and Faith Stripe Memorial Scholarship: Brittany Nielson
CASD Alumni Foundation Scholarship in Honor of Clara Sorenson: Elijah Robbins
CASD Alumni Foundation Alumni Scholarship: Garrett Anderson and Trent Hickman
Kodiak Group: Erica Umlor
Grayling Generating Station: Sally Metiva 

Roy O. Milnes Award: 

Ashley Branch