Grayling Elementary Science Fair

The 9th annual GES Science Fair takes place on Wednesday, February 10, 2016.



GES Science Fair

Students will be allowed to work on their own or in partnership with another student.

Categories of entries will be:

 1. PDF DocumentDemonstration  
 2. PDF DocumentExperiment using the Scientific Method
 3. PDF DocumentComparing the Engineering Design Process and the Scientific Method
 3. A student(s) may invent something

All entries must be posed in the form of a question.

PDF DocumentScience Fair Notification Letter 2014

  • PowerPoints may be used with projects.
  • Laptops will be available at the fair for students to share their work with judges and others.
  • Project Boards will be available at cost ($2.00)
  • All students will receive a certificate of participation.
  • Project work for this year's Science Fair is HOMEWORK.

Help and Ideas for Science Fair Projects

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