Fundraising Efforts

The CAEEF was created in 2015 to benefit the students, staff and schools of the Crawford AuSable School District. But this cannot be done without financial support from the alumni, former students and friends of the CASD.

Several reasons to consider a gift to the CAEEF:

  • Your contribution remains in our community.

  • Your contribution helps keep "excellence in education" alive for our students and graduates.

  • Your contribution helps keep our state and national award-winning school district strong.
  • Your contribution is tax deductible.

Contributions of any amount help. Thank you so very much.

CAEEF Fundraising Steering Committee

Jim Kesseler, Co-Chair
Roger Kesseler, Co-Chair
Donna Boughner, Co-Chair
John Alef
J. David Blaha, M.D.
George Blaha
John Cherven, C.P.A.
William Dean, O.D.
Dianne Blaine Doremire
Kelly Elmy
Shelly McClain Elmy
Sharron Blaine Hagerman
Yolanda Rosi Helfrich, M.D.
Phyllis Ziebell Kesseler
Linda Knibbs, Ph.D.
Kay Warner Leslie
Jim Madill
Tony Maurer
Charles McNamara, Ph.D.
Mike McNamara
JC Millikin
Linda Smock Mires
Ralph Oppermann, D.D.S.
Patsy Wiseman Snider
Edwin Skinner
Jordan Stancil
Jim Tobin
Jean Holtcamp Weaver
Bill Weaver
Dave Wyman