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The Crawford AuSable Excellence in Education Foundation (CAEEF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was created in August 2015 to: 1) provide academic scholarships to graduating students of the Crawford AuSable School District who attend or plan to attend a post-secondary school with the goal of obtaining a degree, and 2) provide necessary funds for competitive grants to educational organizations that operate within the Crawford AuSable School District and serve its students.

The foundation is a separate entity from the Crawford AuSable School District Board of Education.

You Can Donate to the CAEEF

The major part of our funding comes directly from our generous donors, and we hope you’ll consider giving to the CAEEF. Whether a gift within your means is $10, $1,000 or somewhere in between, please be assured that your tax-deductible donation will go directly to help our students. 

You can donate by check or online. Please click on the option of your choice in the column to the right.

CAEEF Board of Directors

Randy Thompson, Director; Barbara Febey, Treasurer; Michele Steffey, Director; Eric Batway, Vice Chair; Nancy Lemmen, Secretary; Roger Kesseler, Director; George Stancil, Director; William Weideman, Director; Paul Lerg, Chair.

Ex-Officio Board Members

Joseph Powers, CASD Superintendent
Kim Schmidt, CASD Business Manager 
Anne Branch, Account Manager



George Stancil, Chair 
Randy Thompson 
Michele Steffey 
Joe Powers 
Kim Schmidt 


Eric Batway, Chair 
Barbara Febey 
Michele Steffey 


Roger Kesseler, Chair 
Paul Lerg 
Barbara Febey 
Joe Powers 
Kim Schmidt


Jim Kesseler, Co-Chair 
Donna Boughner, Co-Chair

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