Achievement & Curriculum

The purpose of this site is to provide:

  • Parents and students with access to achievement data and curriculum

  • Crawford AuSable educators with access to achievement data, curriculum and educational resources

Pacing Guides can be viewed at:


  • GHS SRB (Located on the STAFF dropdown menu on the home page)

  • GMS Documents Forms & Newsletters (on the GMS page)

  • GES Pacing Guides (on the GES page)

You will find compiled data from standardized assessments in regard to Crawford AuSable students. As an educator of our district, if you are in need of individualized or classroom information, contact your building principal or district curriculum director.
You will find pacing guides, maps, book lists and resources utilized by Crawford AuSable educators as well as other components of our curriculum. This site is always a work in progress as the requirements by the state of Michigan and federal government are continuously improving. We strive to provide our students with a quality education by examining our instruction and curriculum and by utilizing best practices.

You will find a variety of links to additional resources and professional organizations.



What is the difference between content expectations and curriculum?

The state of Michigan provides content expectations which form the basis of what is taught in Michigan schools. the curriculum is the method and pace at which the content expectations are taught to the students.

What is the difference between the MEAP and the MME?


  • MEAP8 assesses mathematics, reading and writing. Students are assessed in social studies in Grades 6 and 9. Students are assessed in science in Grades 5 and 8.
  • MME is the Michigan Merit Examination. The MME is given to students in Grade 11 in March and is based on the Michigan Merit Curriculum. The MME is a combination of the ACT, Michigan generated items and a portion of the Work Keys Assessment. Students are assessed in mathematics, reading, writing, social studies and science in the MME.
  • For additional information go to Michigan Department of Education at

What is the NWEA and how does it relate to MAP?


  • NWEA is the Northwest Evaluation Association, which provides computer adaptive tests called Measures of Academic Progress. The Crawford AuSable School District utilizes the MAP with all students in Grades K-8 and select students in grades 9-12. The MAP provides instant individual data to the teachers which helps to guide instruction. Currently, students are assessed in reading and mathematics a minimum of two times per year with the possibility of assessment up to four times per year.

  • MAP is computer adaptive and changes for each student depending on their level of expertise.

  • For additional information, go to NWEA at