Grayling High School
Home of the Vikings
Class B ~ Lake Michigan Conference

Athletics Department
Congratulations to Tim Gariglio, who was named "Skiing Coach of the Year" by the MHSCA.

GHS Fight Song
Green and white of Grayling High School;
The colors we hold dear.
Marching ever on to victory
And we'll always cheer -- rah, rah, rah.
Loyal to our team and teammates --
The watchword of us all.
For we love our dear ole high school,
And our standards must not fall.

Onward, Grayling, score a basket (touchdown),
And put this team to shame.
Fight team, fight team, come on, fight team,
And we'll win this game -- rah, rah, rah.
For the Vikings we of Grayling
Just can't and won't be beat
For we love our dear ole high school,
And we will not take defeat!!!


2014-15 Administrative Staff
Athletic Director: Sparky Nitchman
Assistant Athletic Directors Tim Gariglio & Sarah Allen
Assistant Athletic Director - GMS: Stan Forrester

2014-15 Coaching Staff
Varsity Football: Tim Sanchez, Eric Tunney, Jerremey Carr
JV Football: Chris Kucharek, Ron Wyman
Varsity Volleyball: Lindsay Smith
JV Volleyball: Valerie Hughes
Girls Golf: Sparky Nitchman
Boys Soccer: Brad Wagner

Boys Varsity Basketball: Rich Moffit, Craig Hofman
Boys JV Basketball: Levi Burkett
Boys Freshman Basketball: Sparky Nitchman
Girls Varsity Basketball: L.J. Mead
Girls JV Basketball: Dan Brandt
Wrestling: Andy Moore
Skiing: Tim Gariglio

Varsity Baseball: Bret Krabill
JV Baseball: Dan Mygrants
Varsity Softball: TBA
JV Softball: Cherelle Burkett
Boys Golf: Beth Wheeler
Boys Track: Jennifer VanderMeer
Girls Track: Justin Andre
Girls Soccer: Craig Cobb
Girls Tennis: Mark Sloan







Membership Eligibility

All students desiring to participate in co-curricular activities must meet the eligibility criteria established by the Crawford AuSable School District and the Michigan High School Athletic Association in the case of athletics.
        A. Every participant must be regular in school attendance. Skipping during a season may result in disciplinary action which could include suspension from participation in an activity.
        B. Eligibility is checked two ways:
Pre-season: If students have two or more E's or NCs at the end of the trimester, they are ineligible for the next trimester.
In-season: At six weeks and beyond, students who have two or more E's or NCs are ineligible for contests for no less than one week, Monday-Sunday. Checks will be done again until students are passing four or more classes.
Grayling High School Student Handbook 2013-2014).
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